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The 16 MBTI Types

The Keirsey website has a detailed discussion of the 16 personality types that emerge from various combinations of the four elements. Please visit the website for more details. Click on the menu item 'The Four Temperaments' and explore. The website also includes the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II) instrument.

Each of the following portraits describes one of the following personality types, observing them at work and at play, with family, friends, and colleagues, and emphasizing their unique strengths and talents. Visit the website for more details on the personality profiles.

The ESFP -- The Performer (Demonstrator)
The ISFP -- The Composer
The ESTP -- the Promoter
The ISTP -- the Operator (Instrumentor)

The ESFJ -- the Provider
The ISFJ -- the Protector
The ESTJ -- the Supervisor
The ISTJ -- the Inspector

The ENFP -- the Champion (Motivator, Advocate)
The INFP -- the Healer (Tutor)
The ENFJ -- the Teacher
The INFJ -- the Counselor

The ENTP -- the Inventor
The INTP -- the Architect (Designer)
The ENTJ -- the Field Marshall (Mobilizer)
The INTJ -- the Mastermind (Entailer)